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Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essays

Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essays Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essay Liam O’Flaherty and The Anglo-Irish War Essay Essay Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) Served in the Irish Guards of the British Army from 19151917 Suffered serious hurt from a bomb blast in Belgium ; was discharged due to depression. Following WWI. traveled widely and developed a universe position based on godlessness. communism. and the impression that Ireland should be an independent state Liam O’Flaherty ( 1896-1984 ) Joined the Irish Republican Army to force for Irish independency. Opposed the 1921 pact that made Ireland a portion of the British Commonwealth. Wrote 13 novels between 1923 and 1976. many of which focused on the effects of war. revolution. and societal turbulence in Ireland. Anglo-Irish War – Origins The Easter Rising took topographic point on 24 April. 1916 in Dublin. Ireland. The Irish Republican Brotherhood ( IRB ) successfully incited a rise of about 1. 600 Rebels. which was rapidly crushed by Crown ( British ) forces. The handling of the Rebels. nevertheless. created mass understanding and the effects of this rebellion are still felt in Irish and international political relations. The Anglo-Irish War 1919: The Irish Parliament. lead by Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins. declared Ireland a free province. The Irish Republic ground forces launched guerrilla warfare during the Irish War of Independence Anglo-Irish War – 1920 March - Thomas McCurtain. Lord Mayor of Cork was shot in forepart of his household by British forces. October - His replacement. Terence McSwiney. dies after a 74-day hungriness work stoppage. 1 November - Kevin Barry. an 18-year-old medical pupil. was hanged for his portion in an ambuscade he took portion in when he was 16. 21 November - Collins’s ‘Squad’ killed 14 members of an elect British undercover agent group known as the ‘Cairo Gang’ . Revenge was taken by Crown forces. who fired on the crowd in Croke Park. 12 people were killed and 60 wounded. Later that flushing. two IRA work forces and one inexperienced person adult male were shot ‘while escaping’ - in fact. they were marched into the prison courtyard and told to run. and when they refused they were shot in the dorsum. Afterwards. 21 November became known as ‘Bloody Sunday’5. Bloody Sunday The Anglo-Irish War – 1920 ( cont. ) 28 November - a winging column led by Tom Barry killed 18 auxilaries in an ambuscade at Kilmichael in west Cork. Shortly after. retaliation was taken by the combustion of the Centre of the metropolis of Cork. December - the Government of Ireland Act set up Home Rule parliaments in Dublin and Belfast. Each parliament was given control over domestic personal businesss. Sinn Fein rejected it. This Act implemented the Partition of Ireland. The Anglo-Irish War – 1921 25 May - the IRA burned Dublin’s usage house. where seven authorities sections were located. The onslaught led to the gaining control or decease of more than 80 IRA work forces. 22 June. at the gap of the northern parliament at Stormount. King George V appealed for a armistice: Pause. to stretch out the manus of patience and conciliation. to forgive and bury. King George V. 22 June. 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty An Irish Free State ( Saorstat Eireann ) of 26 counties was established The Irish province was a Dominion and was still portion of the Commonwealth The British Monarch would stay as caput of province and would be represented by the Governor-General The Royal Navy retained control of the ports of Cobh. Berehaven and Lough Swilly The boundary line between the Free State and Northern Ireland would be drawn up by a Boundary Commission Aftermath of the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1922: The Irish civil war interruptions out between pro- and anti-treaty parties. Armed groups crossed into Northern Ireland and attacked British installings. They hoped to coerce the British to give up control of Northern Ireland. Today’s IRA stems from anti-treaty forces. May 1923: The civil war terminals and Northern Ireland was still portion of the United Kingdom. 1937: A new fundamental law ratified by the Irish authorities changes the name of the Irish Free State to Ireland. 1949: Ireland officially declares its independency from Britain. Ireland had cut all ties with the United Kingdom and became an independent democracy.

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The Sierra Leone Civil War (Methods used by the RUF whether effective Research Paper

The Sierra Leone Civil War (Methods used by the RUF whether effective or not) - Research Paper Example In presenting this paper, I intend to analyze the effectiveness of the methods used by the RUF in terrorising young children and other refugees in becoming forced fighters as well as their sheer ruthlessness in destroying civilian dwellings by theft, loot, and murder. In doing so, I have considered to present some important events of the war: the beginning of the war and the formation/evolution of RUF, the resistance faced by the RUF, techniques implemented by the RUF, effects of the war and the RUF brutalities, and the eventual end of the war along with the RUF. The paper ends with a conclusion regarding the effectiveness of the RUF in their approach and the effects that it generated throughout the life and times of the people of the fated country – Sierra Leone. Tarawalie 2 BEGINNING OF THE WAR: THE FORMATION OF RUF AND ITS AGENDA On 23rd March, 1991, Sierra Leone was engulfed in a civil war that was to last for more than a decade. The inception of the war was triggered by t he rebel army named Revolutionary United Front which was led by Foday Sankoh – a former corporal of the Sierra Leone army who later became a pro-Gaddafi insurgent. On returning back from Libya after receiving specialised training, he initiated an insurgency movement which later culminated into a civil war. His actions were supported by Charles Taylor- the then Liberian president â€Å"who (Charles Taylor) was the principal beneficiary from this criminal business† (Gberie 184). Although the RUF theme was aimed solely to set up a multi-party democracy by overthrowing the Momoh regime, they completed failed to define a future political agenda. What seemed to be the bottom-line were the massive diamond resources that were to come under their disposal once the current regime was powerless. These economic perks along with the ineffectual retaliation from the government forces and the subsequent defection by many civilians and soldiers led the country to a grotesque civil war . Although the RUF would later face some resistance from the Sierra Leone army, negligence and incompetence would allow them to later push back across the country and maintain their strongholds on many economically and geographically important areas like the mines of Moyamba and Bonthe districts and the country’s capital- Freetown. For most of Sierra Leone’s youth, there were only limited options left- either to remain where they were and get themselves obliterated by the rebels or to flee to the neighbouring Liberia. Ironically, this was to led them into war rather than distance them from the conflict. What the world was going to witness was the grotesque killings of refugees and forced inclusion of children into the military either by force or by the fake promises of food, water and medical care. Tarawalie 3 RESISTANCE FACED BY THE RUF The RUF in the course of its aggressive journey encountered many resistances which it either quelled or dealt with tactical approach. "Despite their brutality the RUF retained coherence as a military force and their links to neighbouring Liberia ensured that they could maintain themselves with equipment and provisions" (Dorman 38). Nevertheless, most of the initial resistances were either not consistent or were quite incompetent in their fight

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The comparison of the U.S. justice system Against Iran's justice Research Paper

The comparison of the U.S. justice system Against Iran's justice system criminal and civil law - Research Paper Example The Islamic nation may pronounce a death sentence to a criminal that the court has found guilty of a crime punishable by execution. While several reasons that attest that American justice system is different from justice system in Iran, evidence show that justice system of these nations support execution of criminals. This essay compares of various aspect of criminal justice system applied in the United States and Iran. United States of America uses criminal laws for specific states to prosecute criminals or people who face trials on those states (Walker, 2011) while Iran uses it criminal laws defined by laws found in Islamic doctrines to prosecute criminals (Dehghan, 2011). The difference in this criminal justice system is the manner of execution of the laws. For instance, a trial conducted in Iran and United States would rely on evidenced adduced during trial but the sentence will differ according to the preferred sentence indicated in their criminal justice system. For instance, the trial of Iranian Movahedi who threw acid on the face of Ameneh Bahrami got an eye for the same sentence when Ameneh asked the court to apply Islamic law in executing its judgment against the person who assaulted her (Dehghan, 2011). The court granted her request and Movehedi faced the acid splash in his face to pay for the evils that he did. In contrast to the American system of criminal justice, Troy Davis a crimina l who murdered a police officer got a death sentence after twenty-two years after his arrest (Walker, 2011). The trial has attracted criticism from people who felt that Jurors made a mistake by not preferring hearing of the case afresh after lawyers of the Troy produced new submission refuting earlier sentence. The penalty awarded by the criminal justice system of United States contrast the penalty awarded by criminal justice system of Iran. The American constitution, which contains the bill of rights,

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Importance of Teamwork in Nursing Essay Example for Free

Importance of Teamwork in Nursing Essay Teamwork involves the merging of members of the same or different professions or domains to work towards a common goal. This group compliments the skills of each member who are consequently committed to one purpose. Teamwork is therefore challenging and at the same time rewarding. It is coupled with a lot of enthusiasm, hope and a share of its own setbacks. Teamwork is initially formed in any particular group with an aim of dividing the effort of accomplishing a particular task while at the same instance multiplying the effect. Any positive work experience usually has an aspect of teamwork in it. Nurses make up the largest care-provider in a hospital setting thus nursing is a job that requires a lot of teamwork. This involves a nurse to nurse or a nurse to physician teamwork. In most cases, the nursing workforce is neglected by the administration involved due to the anticipation of the patients’ recuperation and recovery, thus nurturing a form of autonomy among the workforce. This serves in downsizing the emphasis on teamwork and this happens at the very expense of the same patients. Service delivery is paramount in the field of nursing and teamwork is one of the core determiners of good service delivery. Teamwork among any group, on the other hand, is determined by various factors. These include openness, responsibility, honesty, accountability, reliability, dialogue and understanding. All this factors have to be put to consideration while putting together a coherent team. A slight disregard of any would see to the failure of the team to deliver as expected. Teamwork does come with its own set of challenges that inhibit the delivery of good service by the team. These mainly occur as a result of conflict among the members of the team which is in turn rooted on differences pertaining distribution of duty, sharing, priority and unnecessary competition. Poor handling of such issues often leads to the occurrence of many mistakes, mistrust among the team members, confusion, wastage of resources, lack of motivation, time wastage and lots of arguments that hold no water. More often than not, it is the patients who bear the yoke of such disagreements as the service rendered to them is henceforth substandard and this plunges their lives into jeopardy. Fallouts are common at this stage since the restructuring of these nursing teams would mean loss of time and complete loss of motivation among the team members. Precautions are therefore very necessary to avoid such grave situations as they do put the lives of others at stake. Adjustments should be made at the slightest sign of unrest among the team members. Sharing responsibility equally is usually the first major leap by any group. Matters pertaining age, seniority and level of experience should not be used to condescend against some members. On the contrary, the members should maximize on the potential that comes with these various facets of diversity and others like gender, socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. Put together, all this facets can give rise to a whole new of teamwork with a lot of diversity which would lead to the conception of new ideas. The approach of issues proactively rather than reactively is also a worthwhile measure to counter these challenges. Prevention has always worked better than cure and this is also the same convention with proactive action. The team members are charged with the task of ensuring that any prevailing or looming predicaments are brought to the light before they turn ugly and cause rifts within the team. This serves in ensuring that little or no time is lost in the process of solving problems. Letting the issues accrue and the procrastination of dealing with them ends up in the wastage of time and patients bearing the lion’s share of these problems due to the poor service delivery. Cultivating a culture of dialogue is another way of avoiding conflict in the course of teamwork. When a team embraces dialogue, prevalent issues are addressed and solved amicably. Positive criticism ensures that everyone can correct each other without any hard feelings. When criticism is directed towards a person positively, he or she is bound to make the amends wherever the error occurs. Gradual technological enhancement and restructuring the team every now and then is necessary in order to avoid monotony. This reignites the team with zeal thus ensuring a rise in quality service delivery. Clarity on the roles of each team member would also do some good. This would help in avoiding the confusion especially if the team has numerous members. Morale on the side of the administration would also improve the team’s service delivery. This could be done through the formation of some form of healthy inter-teams competitions that would see the appreciation of the team that is best at service delivery. Incentives can also be brought to the picture. This would actually ensure that the teams work hard to outdo each other and thus better their teamwork in this process. An improvement in the teamwork among the nurses would have some major effects in service to the patients. There would be definitely be an improved client-service delivery, improved relationships between team members and consequently with the administration. These healthcare institutions would also unveil a wider range of services due to the time efficient system. In conclusion, teamwork in nursing is sacrosanct since it is a profession that deals with lives of people. An improvement in service delivery therefore means that the clients are in safer hands. Reference: Institute for Innovation and Improvement, (March, 2007): Developing and sustaining effective teams. ISBN 9781904114482, Royal College of Nursing, Retrieved on 3rd April 2009 from: http://www. rcn. org. uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/78735/003115. pdf,

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Syrian Civil War: Causation Essay example -- arab republic, ottoman rul

Middle East Project: Syrian Civil War: Causation After four hundred years of indecisive Ottoman rule, and three decades fighting the mandate of the French, the many diverse peoples of Syria finally could call Syria their own. Yet, independence was not synonymous with peace. Without a common enemy, the Syrian people remembered their differences and began to squabble amongst themselves. Even now, seven decades after the formation of the Syrian Arab Republic, peace is yet but a far-flung dream. In June of 2000, then-President Hafez al-Assad, of the previous Ba’ath Party, passed away and his title was left, through an unfortunate accident, in the hands of his second, less determined son, Bashar al-Assad. With his death came strife. Powerful clashing forces previously kept quashed by Ba’ath Party Rule began to emerge yet again, and Syria was plunged into conflict. The Syrian civil war crisis, commonly accepted to have begun with the rule of Bashar al-Assad, had roots in history extending past Hafez al Assad (Ba’ath Party Ruling) and, through a combination of external pressures, environmental and foreign, and internal inconsistency and weakness blossomed into the situation today. The Ba’ath Party, the name Arabic for â€Å"Renaissance† or â€Å"Resurrection† (Polk), was founded in 1947 by Michel Aflaq, a Syrian teacher whose views on nationalism gained him support from Arabs across the area (â€Å"Profile†). Quickly merging with other parties, the now-Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party became real competition to its opposition as its popularity surged among students of the nation. Historically, as Syrian people were (and are) extremely diverse, a wide range of opinions on nationalism and religion have been presented, each addressing a different aspect of ... ...LIO, 2014. Web. 5 Mar. 2014. "Urban and Rural Human Geography in Syria." News and Events: Point of View. Geography Services, n.d. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. . Warner, Andy. "Syria’s First Family." Slate. SlateGroup, n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. . Washington Post. "Syrian Civil War: A Rising Death Count." Washington Post. Washington Post, n.d. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. . Zahler, Kathy. The Assads' Syria. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century, 2010. Print. Dictatorships. Zuhur, Sherifa. "Bashar al-Assad." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2014. Web. 3 Mar. 2014.

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Fast Food Nation: Chapter Four Essay

â€Å"Becoming a franchisee is an odd combination of starting your own business and going to work for someone else† (Schlosser 94).In Eric Schlosser’s Non-fiction book, Fast Food Nation, Schlosser reasons that fast food has widened the gap between the rich and the poor, started an obesity epidemic and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad. While the idea of a franchiser/ franchisee relationship appears to be nothing but beneficial, it has a serious drawback, which is the release/ acceptance of certain issues out of each party’s control. This, in turn causes other companies to try to develop new ways of forming this relationship. Subway, for example uses â€Å"Development Agents† to help ease tensions. However due to this, the controversial issue of encroachment emerges. This leaves society asking at what price is success worth it? And how is success measured by these companies? The franchisee/ franchiser relationship has its benefits, but also one major downside which can cause conflicts and controversies. â€Å"At the heart of the franchise agreement is the desire by two parties to make money while avoiding risk† (Schlosser 94). In starting your own business, there is a huge financial risk. Even if you have an amazing idea it takes a lot of well managed money. Becoming a franchisee, though, while still costing a good amount of money, the risk is considerably smaller because the name, advertising and product is already out there. â€Å"One provides a brand name, a business plan, expertise, access to equipment and supplies. The other puts up the money and does the work† (Schlosser 94). Franchising makes it easier for companies to expand their market and profit from that. â€Å"The relationship has built-in tensions. The franchisor gives up some control while not wholly owning each operation; the franchisee sacrifices a great deal of independence by having to obey the companies rules† (Schlosser 94). When putting that amount of money and work into building a successful franchise it is frustrating when you can’t make any changes you want on your own. While there is a great deal of sacrifice, particularly on the side of the franchisee, bottom line, when the profits are rolling in everyone gets along just fine. Because the franchisee/franchisor relationship has built in tensions, it has led companies to explore new ways of forming this partnership. â€Å"The chain relies on â€Å"development agents† to sell new Subway franchises. The development agents are not paid salary †¦ [their] Income is largely dependent on the number of Subway’s that open in their territory† (Schlosser 100). These development agents are technically independent contractors who will try to open as many subways as possible, because the more they open the more they are paid. â€Å"They are under constant pressure to keep opening new Subway’s, regardless of how that effects the sales of subway’s that are already operating nearby† (Schlosser 100). Because they are independent contractors they don’t worry about how sales of other Subway’s are affected by their actions, in order to make money they need to keep opening franchises regardless of if they are making Subways across the street from other Subway restaurants. â€Å"As the American market for fast food grows more saturated, restaurants belonging to the same chain are frequently being put closer to one another. Franchises call this practice â€Å"encroachment† and angrily oppose it† (Schlosser 99). Although it may lead to a decrease in sales at the individual restaurants, the franchisors benefit from this practice that puts its franchisee’s out of business. While some can credit Subway for attempting to find new ways to form its relationships with its franchises, overall, its practices hurt its individual restaurants and make it one of the worst chains to be a franchisee for, long-term. Due to the harsh reality uncovered in this chapter, society is able to see how hard it is to become successful, whether it is as a franchisee or starting a company on your own. At a success seminar Dave Feamster took his employees to, a paralyzed but still upbeat and motivational Christopher Reeve’s said, â€Å"Since my accident, I’ve been realizing †¦ that success means something quite different† (Schlosser 107). Reeve’s is referencing the millions he made in his 20’s and that there may be more to success than that. â€Å"’I see people who achieve these conventional goals, he says †¦ ‘None of it matters† (Schlosser 107). This is such a powerful moment in the chapter, Schlosser is supposed to be attending a motivational seminar and yet readers walk away from it wondering, at what point success worth it is. If this man who was famous and beloved by America says he thinks he is irrelevant, what about us? In this chapter readers see that big companies measure their success in money and profits, but how should society measure it’s? The public education system might measure success in graduates or students that go on to college. But the great thing about this chapter is Christopher Reeve’s challenges the way you measure your success and leaves that up to the audience’s interpretation. â€Å"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it† (Brainy Quotes W.C. Fields). The franchisee/franchisor relationship while mostly beneficial, has its hindrances, which is each party sacrificing some control. As companies such as subway have explored new ways of forming this relationship, even more problems have emerged from this. Readers are left wondering at what price success is worth it, and how big companies measure their success. Works Cited Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation. New York: Perennial, 2002. Print. Book Rags Media Network.  © 2001 – 2011 Brainy Quote. <>

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